I Am Almost Back to Normal

I was in fairly bad shape when the accident happened, but after a couple of weeks in the hospital and a couple of visits to a Petaluma chiropractor I am a lot better. I really could not give you a first hand account of the accident, but from what I have been told the guy that hit me was trying to stay out of prison. The police were chasing him and they had him on a parole violation, which means that you do not pass go, they send your butt straight back to prison. That has not much to do with me, but this guy ran a red light and caused an enormous accident. I apparently got hit by three other cars. It is not a very good idea to be spinning around in the middle of a busy intersection it would seem. I could not really tell you much about the aftermath either, but in truth I was not seriously injured all things considered. Obviously there were lots of cuts and bruises. I apparently got a concussion and that was why I had no clue what happened.

The car was what I was worried about, but they told me that I would not have to worry about it any longer. It was a complete loss and my insurance man cut me a check while I was laying in the hospital. They did not really do too much for me to be honest, but they seemed to want to hold me there a lot longer than they needed to. At first I needed some help walking, but my leg got better on it’s own really. The chiropractor came later on, luckily for me he seems to have fixed my back pretty easily. I was really happy now that I think I am back to where I should be.